How to download a virtual TI-83 calculator!!This will allow you use the calculator on the computer.
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Steps to Download the Calculator!

<td 421??="" top??="" valign="top"><div lipsum??="">*Go to a Google Search
<div lipsum??="">*Type in Virtual TI-83 Calculator Download
<div lipsum??="">*Click on the 3rd search, it will be a PDF
<div lipsum??="">*On the PDF click on Texas Instruments Download
<div lipsum??="">*On that page under the calculator, click download
<div lipsum??="">*Click on TI-83 SDK
<div lipsum??="">*Save it to your desktop
<div lipsum??="">*Your computer will need to restart
<div lipsum??="">*Once restarted, look for  TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger on your desktop
<div lipsum??="">*Once the software is up, click on File, then new, TI-83 Plus
<div lipsum??="">*Click on palate that shows up, then at the top of the screen press Debug, then Go
<div lipsum??="">*Then you have a calculator on your screen.
Last Modified on November 14, 2011

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