Mrs. "V's" Rules
(Discipline and Grading)

Discipline Policy


First and foremost, every student must follow all rules posted in the RHS Student Handbook. The following rules will also be enforced in my class:


  1. Take care of all personal needs between class periods. This includes using the bathroom, getting water and personal grooming.
  2. Be in his or her assigned seat before the final bell rings.
  3. All materials should be brought to class daily.
  4. No food or drink is allowed in the classroom.
  5. Water in a clear plastic container may be consumed in the classroom.
  6. Hats, sunglasses and/or book bags are to be kept in locker.
  7. Respect yourself and others at all times.  No name calling or picking on other students will be tolerated.
  8. Refrain from talking to others unless it is part of the class activity.
  9. Raise your hand to ask a question or share a comment relevant to the subject being covered.
  10.  Cheating and plagiarism is not tolerated at any time.  Your work should be your work.



1st Offense: Verbal warning issued and recorded on student info card


2nd Offense: Verbal warning issued, written warning issued, recorded on student info

 card, student’s seat moved and parent contacted

3rd Offense: Second and final written warning issued, recorded on student info card,

 student’s seat moved and parent contacted again.

4th Offense: Record on Student info card, sent to office with written referral.


**Dress Code violations will be sent immediately to office with proper form.


***Severe disruptions/problems:  student will be sent to office immediately with a


General Grading Procedures


Assessments in my classes are generally broken down into the following categories: Quizzes, Classwork, Homework, Tests, and Projects


Explanation of Grading

--Daily Quizzes are used to assess understanding of the day’s work.

--Classwork the work completed in class.

Homework is given to re-enforce the day’s lesson.

Tests are graded using a 100-point scale.

            A test will be given when we have covered a sufficient amount of the material.

Projects will be given to help students show their understanding of the material.  They are not intended to hurt a student’s grade.  Some students do not test well so projects are used as another method to draw on the strengths and talents of the individual student.


Missed Assignments

            --When absent a student will have 5 school days to make up the


          --Student must come to the teacher to get missed work or check the       

              missed work folder.

--Missed quizzes and tests must be made up within the 5 day period

--Any missed assignments, quizzes or tests NOT made up will result in
            an a grade of 2.
Reasonable amount of time will be allotted for missed assignments if students has not shown reasonable effort a grade of 25 will be given.

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