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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I wire my DVD or VHS Players to a TV Monitor?

A:  Many people have difficulty properly wiring new devices to their TV monitors.  There are two ways to accomplish this task. 

If your monitor requires a cable TV wire, make sure the cable on the player is connected to the Cable OUT connection and it is connected to the Antenna or Cable IN port on the Monitor TV.  If you choose this method of connectivity, you must set your TV to channel 3 or 4 to view your program.


If you choose composite (usually yellow, red, and white RCA type cables) , be sure you connect the cables to the VIDEO and AUDIO OUT  on the player and connect them to the corresponding composite INPUT connections on the monitor.  As a rule, the yellow wire connects Video, the white wire connects left channel audio, and the red wire connects right channel audio.  These connections can't be cross wired.  Other options for video are S-Video which is a 4 pin connector which will give significantly higher video resolution over composite video.  HDMI is the best connection and is used for connecting high definition components together.  Video and Audio are streamed through the single HDMI cable.  With either of these options, the monitor must be set to the auxiliary input to view the program.    
    cable tvRCA   S-Video     HDMI
     Cable TV Wiring         RCA Composite         S-Video                   HDMI
Q: Why can I not print NCWise Reports?
A: Some downloaded applications automatically add toolbars to your web browsers.  These toolbars often have pop-up blockers and this is what is preventing you from printing.  The primary culprit is more than likely either the Yahoo toolbar or the google toolbar.  You will need to go to your control panel, go to add/remove programs and uninstall the respective toolbars.  When this is complete, you will have no issues with printing from NCWise. 
pop up
Q: Why can I not access my folder on the school server?
A: To access the school server folders, you must be logged in to Novell's server client.  If you boot your computer without logging in to Novell, or if you use the generic login and password, you will not be able to access the teacher folders.  You must use your teacher log in and password to access your network folders through the school system.  These folders will not be available to you from home, only within the WCPS intranet.  If you are still not seeing the network folders, make sure you do not have "WORKSTATION ONLY" checked.
Q: Why does my computer randomly shut down without warning?
A:  There are many different causes for a computer to power down unexpectedly.  The primary cause is a failing power supply.  There is no preventative maintenance you can do to help this problem.  The two causes you can eliminate are poor circulation which results in overheating and removal of viruses.  Make sure your CPU is located in an area with free air circulation.  The CPU doesn't need to be inside a desk or where objects block the fans.  A good anti-virus will catch most power down scripts which are popular with student workstations.
Q: Why does Internet Explorer shut down when I go to NCWsie?
A: You may have your web browser set for automatic updates.  If your computer has been updated to the latest Internet Explorer, then this version is not compatible with NCWise.  The two options you have are to roll back and restore your computer to the older version,  or download Mozilla Firefox as your iinternet browser.  Firefox is 100% compatible with NCWise.  You will have to load J-initiator just as you did with Internet explorer.
Q: How do I protect my computers from flash drive viruses?
A: Thumb drive, or flash drive's are one of the most popular ways to transfer or archive mobile files.  Unfortunately, these drives are the most suceptable to viruses.  If a student has a virus at home and he uses the flash drive on his computer, then when he comes to school and uses the portable drive on your computer, you will have the virus as well.  When any other drive is put in your infected computer, they will have it as well.  Each school computer has command anti-virus enterprise installed.  This program was designed especially for schools to catch these type viruses.  Establish and enforce policy that requires all flash drives to be scanned before any files are opened.  This is quickly done using Command anti-virus by going to "My Computer", locating the removable drive, right clicking on the drive letter and choosing "Scan this drive using Command Anti-virus.  This process takes seconds to perform and will save the IT department hours in virus removal.  
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